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The services we provide to you.

Web Development

We develop high performance, secure and reliable web applications for businesses. Make your offline information available to all your employees, customers or just your trusted people. Stop fighting with synchronization and make your information accessible across all your devices with one customized application. Even with reduced data connection the information will load fast while using our compression logic. These days security is a big term. That's why every datatransfer from or to each device is encrypted.


Currently all your invoices, offers, reports, plans or other documents are in paper form. How do you want to share those information with your employees or other people if you're on the run? Just virtualize your documents and make them accessible everywhere to those who need the information without using additional software. We as your software developer make it possible to provide your information fast, easy and secure to the people you want to share your information with. Virtualize your documents and take a step forward to the digital age.

Web Design

We're able to create your individual website fitting your needs using our own written code or a CMS such as Wordpress or Typo3 to provide your information to your customers in the best way possible. We develop 'mobile first' which means optimization for mobile devices to provide your content even on smaller screens. The percentage of website visits using mobile devices is raising fast and already passed the 50 % mark globally and the 75 % mark in the U. S. which makes the mobile optimization even more important.


What happens during the time we develop your software.

Our software is specially designed for your needs and optimized in every way to save your money by saving your time. Think about annoying long loading times while you want to access e. g. customer specific data about the current order with your phone. The problem with software 'fitting for everyone' is that it's not specially for your needs, it's designed to hit the crowd not the individual business. While developing your software where going deep inside your business processes to make sure the software is supporting you in every way. We understand if you need specific data and we are going to provide it right at the perfect moment in unbelievable speed. Thats the way you'll save money while using the right software for your business. Save your money by saving your time now.


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News and free content
To reach the best possible performance for your application we will select the hardware specially for you an your needs. Even after finishing setting up the server structure we’re able to grade you’re hardware up without a downtime of your application if e. g. your application traffig is getting bigger. Beside server configuration, our software is optimized for speed. The application we develop is using Just-In-Time-Loading means we only load data you really want to see so you don’t wast your precious time by waiting for information you actually don’t want so see. Compression on server and client side is reducing the connection traffic tremendously. We also only transfer objects instead of text wich means we’re not wasting traffic to transfer redundant data. Reduced data transfer equals higher speed. This is the equation of speed. The connection between your application server and the clients accessing the application is always secured by a so called HTTPS connection. That type of connection will protect your information against Man-In-The-Middle (Hacker intercept the data transfer between you and the server and vice versa to obtain information) attack by encrypting the data transfer on both client and server side. Important information will also always be stored encrypted or at least hashed. Everywhere you’re connected with the internet your application will be accessible and the data is always with you. If your employee creates a document on the other side of the world you'll be able to access the document without complicated synchronization or additional software. Your team is able to work effectively together without having the whole data redundant on every device. Home office is made even easier because you don’t have to sync your data before working at your home station. Just log in and have every data accessible. Our software is not exclusively developed for laptops or your desktop computer just use your smartphone to access your data. Even on you phone you’ll be able to access all your data and you don’t have to be worried that you just get a slim version of the software. Using our new compression logic we were able to reduce data transfer by 93 %. More information on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook about our breakthrough. Like explained within the ‘high performance’ section, compression is a pretty important factor if it comes to performance. Most pages on the internet are not using data compression and even a smaller amount of pages are using client side compression to communicate with their server. Our software is using server and client sided compression to e. g. transfer even a big report you’ve written the your server or a huge text file stored on the server to your device as fast as possible. Get rid of your paperwork and don't waste space for your folders anymore. Imagine you don’t need an invoice in paper form anymore. Just log in and have your required forms right there wherever you are. Easily navigate through your virtualized documents and get in touch with features like intelligent completion. E. g. you don't remember the full postcode of a customers address just write the first few numbers and get the right suggestions for it. Wordpress is a free and open-source content managemnt system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. It can be used even with small or no programming or technical knowledge. Wordpress is expendable using plugins and it can be used in the professional and non-professional space. TYPO3 is a free and open source web content management system written in PHP. TYPO3 is credited to be highly flexible. It can be extended by new functions without writing any program code. Also, the software is available in more than 50 languages and has a built-in localization system, therefore supports publishing content in multiple languages. According to the ability to support a corporate environment, it is classified as an enterprise level content management system.